Kaffeinated Labor

My mom surprised me this morning by taking my son for the Labor Day holiday. As soon as the door shut my fiancée and I immediately busted out the dance moves. The possibilities with our new-found freedom were endless. She needed a caffeine boost to slay Miraak, and I needed my precious caffeine to stay sane. Pinterest saved the day with a delicious salted caramel coffee and caramel recipe to boot. 20170904_121711

Although French press is easy as hell, it’s not a method that’s best for my groggy-eyed mornings, however it’s the best way to make coffee ice cubes for my daily iced coffees. Boiling time for the water is not something in my agenda, which makes it a little difficult to recommend to fast paced morning goers. On the plus side, it’s a quick way to make batches of iced coffee for the week. The flavors of my breakfast blend were more pronounced with the French press and the taste was so smooth I didn’t feel the need to load it with creamer and sugar. Not only is French press coffee a whole new level of taste, it’s a money saver as well.

With a delicious cup of coffee in hand, all that was missing was the salted caramel. Mixing the caramel sauce was a somewhat difficult task. The first attempt patience got the best of me, and the mix never got to the dark amber color which resulted in a sugary mush. With new pan in hand and a higher patience level the second batch came out perfect. Not only was it the perfect color and consistency of store bought caramel sauce, it tasted better too.  Between the sweetness of the caramel and saltiness of the sea salt, this drink was a winner!

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a way to amp up your coffee, or just want to try something new, French press is completely worth it. The flavor is unlike any other cup of coffee you’ll have and it’s all in the comfort of your home. Although it’s Labor Day, this is one drink I wouldn’t mind “working” for.